Jun 09 2016

Summer Time Pet Safety

If you live in a homeowner’s association that allows pets and many do, then it goes without saying how much owners love their pets so keeping them safe in these warm summer months is important. When out for a walk with Fido beware of the sidewalk temperature. Pet’s paws are sensitive so prolonged exposure to a hot sidewalk can be painful. Go when it is cooler outside such as in the morning or evenings. Also check your pets toe pads for burning, severe dryness, cracking or bleeding.

Bringing pets indoors when there are extreme summertime high temperatures is also a must. So check your weather daily and limit a dog’s time outside. If you feel uncomfortable with the outside air temperature then chances are your pet will be too. Keep pets hydrated is another important thing in hot summer months. Making sure they have shade to protect them and enough water in a place that it won’t get hot. Having a kiddie pool filled with cool water for your pet is another way to make sure your pet is not overheating. Keep your pet active and out of trouble by getting creative for ways they can have some exercise both indoors and outdoors.

An HOA board should remind residents in your association to pay attention to their pets and keep them engaged and happy. Doing this can ensure no bad behavior or noise complaints since most of these issues are caused by boredom. This will lead to less time and energy the Board will have to extend in managing such complaints and violations. In closing a happy pet can lead to an overall happy community. Happy Summer!

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