Jul 06 2016

3 Things to look for when hiring an HOA Management Company

When hiring an HOA management company it’s important to look at the big picture. You will need to evaluate what your HOA is looking for but in general an HOA manger should have leadership skills, administration skills, communication skills and be supported by a company that offers all of these things.

  1. Operate as a Team:  When you hire an HOA management company you will be assigned a community manager.  Not only do you have just this one person though you will have access to others within the company who can help and answer questions in a timely manner.  When you hire FCS Community Management you have a whole team available to help even if your manager is not available.  From our friendly customer service to our accounting department our staff is trained to be familiar with the operations of your HOA and is able to give relevant resources.
  2. Designations and Certifications:  Here at FCS Community Management we are Utah’s only Accredited Association company.  In an industry where the laws are ever-changing it is important that your HOA Management company keep current on their certifications, this means they have been properly trained and have reliable relationships within the industry.
  3. Good Vibes: Don’t underestimate the importance of a positive company culture.  You should visit the management companies social media sites and get an idea of who and what you are dealing with.  When it comes to your manager’s personality they should be a good fit for your HOA, they should be assertive when needed and willing to take a stand on your behalf all while being tactful.  When selecting a company it is a very personal business and while companies are larger and more efficient it is also important to keep it personal.  Finding the balance is key.

If your HOA would like to learn more please submit a proposal at http://www.hoaliving.com/contact/request-a-proposal/

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