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Innovative Solutions

How does a community management company innovate?

For more than 23 years, we have witnessed and contributed to incredible changes in community association management. We have become industry experts and educators, and, as such, we believe in evolving, adapting and embracing the innovations available to homeowners, board members and management, like us!


Vantaca is an industry-leading homeowner portal that provides homeowners with a one-stop-shop for all communications—accessing documents, making reservations, and more!

Board members have expanded, real-time access to financials, violation reports, and other essential documentation. As a result, board meetings can be shorter and more focused on pressing action items. 

As if we needed more selling points to incorporate this portal system into our daily operations at HOALiving—Vantaca is secure and encrypted. This means our staff will never see your information!


CIT Bank is the leading bank for community associations, and, as such, they are prepared to support each of our associations efficiently and effectively.

With CIT Bank, you can expect increased transparency and real-time access to your association’s information via the CIT integration into Vantaca. This provides drill-down reporting for board members on financial matters.

Other benefits include encryption, modern and easy-to-use systems, community-management-specific tools, and more.

We embrace CIT Bank and their many specialized services as another crucial step towards embracing industry expertise, excellence, and innovation!


We have a fiduciary responsibility to screen all vendors prior to authorizing their service to our clients. In order to accomplish this effectively, we have partnered with a third-party vendor compliance firm.

VIVE specializes in certifying vendors in the community management industry. We have instant access to vendors who we know are trustworthy. Learn more about this partnership here.

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