Company Directory

Jackie Ambridge,
Community Specialist
Scott Anderson,
Vice President of Community Management
Brad Atchley,​                Community Manager
Karla Avila,
​Rental Manager
Ben Banks,​
Community Manager
Kurt Barlow,​ 
Community Manager
     Brandon Bloom,      Max Maintenance
Candice Billingsley,
​Rental Manager
Chelsea Blodgett,
Administrative Assistant/Social Media Coordinator
Debi Buchanan, Community Manager
Ryan Butterfield, Community Manager
Blake Cox,​
Regent at City Creek Onsite Manager
Leonardo Chovan,   Max Maintenance
Tami Cordon,
Assistant Community Manager
Alex Cuevas,​
Customer Service Manager
Mariah Cuevas,
Office Assistant-Provo
Tracey Curtis,
​Assistant Community Manager
Michelle Davenport, 
Accounts Payable Specialist
Harlee Dicharo,
Assistant Community Manager
Rick Dicharo,
Maintenance Manager
Megan Fairchild,​
Customer Service Representative
Katie Felts,
VP of Internal Operations
Melanie Francom,​Customer Service Representative 
Marco Franco,
MAX Maintenance
Kirk Gardiner,
MAX Maintenance
Greg Gardner,
Senior Community Manager
Jeff Garner,
​Vice President of Special Projects
Cristie Graham, 
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Roy Griffiths,
The Wilshire Onsite Maintenance Manager
    Joseph Hanning,     Max Maintenance 
Andy Harrison,
Onsite Facilities Manager
Josh Jensen,
​Community Manager
Amy Johnson,
Liz Johnson,
Internal Operations
Michael Johnson,
Chief Executive Officer
Paul Johnson,
Internal Operations
Susan Juber,
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Ben Knudson,​
MAX Maintenance
Dan Laing,
​Community Manager
Beau Larsen,
MAX Maintenance
Michelle Lea,         Community Manager
 Jaxon Lombardi, ​         Customer Service Representative 
Tiffany Madsen,
Community Manager
Cori Martin,
Homeowner Services Specialist
Erica Marley,
Max Maintenance Executive Assistance
Karla Maseuli,
Office Assitant – Provo
Shelly Mauchley,
Community Manager
           Rayann McGriff,​            Max Maintenance
Jake Mckenna,                 Max Maintenance
Nicole McIntosh,​
Collections Specialist
Rusty McNeal,
Community Manager
Jed Miller,
Director of IT
Lori Nielsen,
Community Specialist
Dauci Otteson,
Disclosure Specialist
Tori Payne, ​            Customer Service Representative
Zach Payne, ​
Homeowner Services Specialist
Suzanne Peterson,
Director of Client Relations
Allyson Phelps,
Community Manager
David Ricks,
Community Manager
Kyra Romrell,​
Administrative Assistant
Neil Schiffman,
Community Manager
  Jimmy Shelley,              Max Maintenance
Dave Simmons, Max Maintenance
Shaun Simmons,
American Towers General Manager
              Jeff Skeem, ​                    Max Maintenance
Hugo Staebner,
MAX Maintenance
Ingrid Staebner,
Rentals Manager
      Keri Steers, ​               Max Maintenance
​Derek Stewart,        Max Maintenance
Katrina Thatcher,
Community Specialist
Amy Thomas,​
Executive Assistant
    Tory Thompson,       Max Maintenance 
Shane Toponce,​
Chief Financial Officer/Human Resources
Lara Valenzuela,