FCS Cares

FCS Cares is a program designed to provide assistance to homeowners whose situations merit assistance. Our FCS clients are real people and we understand that sometimes life has some bumps.

FCS Community Management will select one recipient per month and pay their HOA fees/ dues/assessment for that month. Funds for this program are donated by FCS employees. There is a form to be filled out on our website. We ask for a little bit of information about the homeowner you wish to nominate (self-nominations are accepted) and submit it to FCS for review.

Nominations are reviewed and the candidate selected will receive an email by the last day of the month proceeding the month their HOA fees/dues/assessment will be paid.

Nominees not selected will receive an email notification; however, nominations will be considered for three consecutive months without a new submission.

Please note that all of this information and selected recipients will be kept completely private.

Nomination Form

Please tell us about yourself.