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Living in an HOA

What is an HOA?

A homeowners association is an organization that oversees a community’s governance, business and social affairs by following and enforcing the covenants, collecting and expending the funds and building community. HOAs are most common in planned communities and multi-family residential buildings, as well as commercial and retail properties. Those who purchase a home in an HOA community must pay certain fees and dues (assessments) to live in the community.

As a homeowner in an HOA, there are things you need to know about the procedures, responsibilities and benefits of your investment. Each community is different! Log into your homeowner’s portal to see the specific information and governing documents for your community.

You & Your Community Association

We published an informative guide to help familiarize homeowners with the purpose, operation and benefits of community associations.

You can view and download a PDF copy of this document below.

CAI Rights and Responsibilities

The Community Association Institute (CAI) published a pamphlet of information about owner rights and responsibilities as members of an association.

You can view and download a PDF copy of this document below. 

Benefits of an HOA

Living in an HOA provides a sense of security, community and pride. Key benefits include:  

Property Value

Well-kept common areas and overall appearance standards ensure your community remains desirable

Shared Costs

All members pay an assessment (a regular fee), often used to maintain common areas and avoid larger, more expensive issues


Some communities provide amenities that homeowners may not have access to otherwise


Connections and communication with your neighbors help to build a strong community

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